Invizion in the Community

Invizion is committed to good corporate citizenship. A global company, we take this responsibility seriously. Visit our News & Media page for more on how Invizion puts our words into action.

Invizion CARES Program

Through our Corporate Assistance, Resources and Employee Support (CARES), Invizion honors our commitment to serve and empower our most valuable asset: our employees. Since inception, our corporate vision, mission and core values have articulated and demonstrated the significance of the quality professionals representing the company.

We’ve established a reputation for taking care of our employees, and proudly offer the Invizion CARES program to ensure that the needs of our corporate family are satisfied. Invizion CARES is a communication network and information resource to keep loved ones better informed about deployments, explain the importance of the tasks of our deployed personnel and provide comfort to those who are at home.

In addition to providing access to information about employee deployments and referral services to families, Invizion CARES also provides resources to support skills in coping and stress management. We also work to increase understanding among our professionals and their families in the United States regarding the cultural values of Arabic and other foreign cultures.
The Invizion CARES Program:

  • Welcomes the loved ones of our deploying and deployed personnel to the Invizion family.
  • Manages personal family information, including contact information.
  • Provides the leadership of Invizion with information and feedback regarding deployed family member issues.
  • Offers information and referral assistance during crises or difficult times.
  • Assists the Invizion leadership to promulgate information to loved ones whenever needed.

Invizion CARES offers assistance to families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our employees’ families and loved ones throughout the United States can call program staff toll free at 1-866-573-4900. These knowledgeable and caring professionals can quickly direct callers to appropriate resources tailored to meet their specific needs in the regions where they live.

The Invizion CARES team provides information to family members and loved ones of our deployed personnel on these topics:

  • Invizion Benefits
  • Invizion Pay Schedule
  • Health Insurance Information
  • Physician Services
  • Childcare Issues and Parenting
  • Elderly Care
  • Health and Wellness
  • Crisis Support
  • Relocation Services
  • Auto Repair Services
  • Local Government Programs
  • Education Services
  • Financial Counseling
  • Tax Preparation
  • Social Services
  • Legal Counseling
  • American Red Cross
  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Internet Services
  • Salvation Army
  • Goodwill