When you compare Invizion to other firms in the industry, you will see a difference — in the caliber of work we do, in our customer relationships and in the way we balance professional and personal goals.

As a member of the Invizion team, you will find rich opportunities to make a difference, whether you’re helping to deliver critical client services or participating in the various forums that shape how we do business. You will contribute to our core values — insight, innovation and integrity — and help to advance our winning culture. As Invizion grows and evolves, we are committed to maintaining our corporate culture:

  • People First
  • Performance Based
  • Passion Filled
  • Purpose Driven

We recognize that every employee is unique and special, and that our employees’ time and energy must be balanced between personal and professional endeavors. We also appreciate every employee on the Invizion team, and work to ensure that they feel motivated by their work and their ability to make significant contributions — to their projects as well as our corporate objectives.

We also value quality communication as a key element of our growing business and its evolving culture and infrastructure. We encourage our staff to share their thoughts, opinions and recommendations through a variety of forums. Likewise, Invizion’s leadership is committed to consistently communicating our corporate vision, mission and objectives to ensure that every Invizion employee is fully engaged and understands how their work contributes to our mutual success. We deliver news of the company’s plans, goals, accomplishments and items of interest through numerous vehicles, including:

  • COMPASS Internal Employee Collaboration Portal
  • Corporate Blog and Newswire
  • Quarterly All Hands Meetings
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Bi-Weekly Management Meetings
  • Regular Leadership Site Visits and Project Team Meetings
  • Annual Holiday Gala and Summer Cookout
  • Invizion Family Fun Days