Invizion, Inc. Privacy Policy
As a User of you are in complete control of your professional service needs. This includes controlling the use of information you provide to Invizion, Inc.

Below are some commonly asked questions and answers about privacy and the collection of data on If you have additional questions which are not answered here,
please click here to contact us.

1) What information does Invizion collect and how it is used?

When ordering services on, Invizion collects the following information:




E-mail address

phone number

Fax number

Point of Contact

We use this information for a variety of purposes, including targeting specific potential clients for special service offers.

In addition, we may retain your information and ask you to provide us with additional information as necessary. We use this information to process your online service request and refer to it if we need to contact you regarding your request.

We also collect information about your visits including domains, browsers and pages accessed on so we can continue to work to enhance your time spent with us online.

When you send us an email, we will retain the content of the email, your email address, our response and the text of any follow-up questions you may have. We use this information to measure how effectively we address user concerns online.

2) How is my information protected? uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology and Private Communication Technology (PCT) security standards supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and 4.0 and other popular browsers to protect your online transactions.

For example, SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, and phone number before they travel over the Internet. This makes doing business over the Internet as secure as purchasing by telephone.

SSL safe connection and secure transaction technology has effectively protected Invizion clients who transmit their credit card numbers online to make a purchase.

3) With whom do you share my information?

When you order services through, we provide only the relevant information required by involved third parties (if any) to ensure the successful fulfillment of your service request.

We do not sell individual names or other private profile information to third parties and have no intention of doing so in the future. We do not share User names and email addresses for promotional use.

4) How can I contact Invizion, Inc.?

Click here to contact us.

If you wish to speak to someone on the phone, please call (703) 226-5000.