Driving Better Decision Making

In today’s business and government environments, intelligence gathering and analysis is an ever-expanding area of expertise. At Invizion, we take a comprehensive view of the intelligence field as it relates to the safety of our clients’ people and assets — ranging from the way they manage information internally, to how they interact with customers and stakeholders, to their ability to identify, track, and mitigate operational risks, whether in the United States or elsewhere.
Our services provide the intelligence and analysis that allows our clients in business and government to make informed decisions about the vulnerabilities in their operations, tolerance for risk, and need for change. Depending on the needs of our clients in such areas as the forensic/technical analysis of physical, facility, and information technology risk, business intelligence and modeling, and customer relationship management, we create custom solutions that involve consultation with subject matter experts and, in some cases, products, and software in a range of analytical modeling and specialties. Our services include:

  • Forensic/Technical Analysis
  • Business Intelligence & Modeling
  • CRM Applications
  • Security & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Facility Risk Analysis & Security
  • Physical Risk Analysis & Security
  • Logistics Services CONUS & OCONUS