Expert Support in Facility and Asset Management

The globalization of business has broadened the risks facing our nation’s government and corporations. Whether our charge is to protect citizens, employees, assets, or sensitive information, Invizion has the expertise to manage facilities and assets throughout the country and around the globe — and thus significantly mitigate clients’ operational risks.

Invizion’s security professionals provide a wide range of services at the most sensitive locations. Many of our exceptional performers hold Top Secret level or higher security clearance, and have earned a solid reputation for implementing effective solutions to the most difficult security management challenges. By building and deploying customized, interdisciplinary teams of professionals, we help clients achieve their mission and goals while complying with all relevant laws and regulations. Our core physical security services include:

  • Physical, Personnel & Information Systems Security
  • Access Control & Monitoring
  • Passenger, Package & Cargo Inspection/Screening
  • Electronic Systems Monitoring
  • Secure Operations
  • Security Management & Training