Maximizing Market Value while Minimizing Risk

Few industries face a greater risk from evolving information technology than that of the banking industry. While IT can facilitate a great deal of the advanced services and products that a bank’s customers demand, it also exposes the institution to a wide variety of serious threats. At Invizion, we have expertise in a broad range of banking modernization processes and technology that serve to protect the bank’s vital assets.

For example, we have deep expertise in financial services risk analysis and mitigation strategies that help banks identify their technical and skill weaknesses and address them quickly and effectively. We’re also experts in helping banks improve their internal abilities to meet customer needs by maximizing their software development life cycle (SDLC), capital planning, eBanking systems and safeguards, cyber security programs, network architecture, and applications.

By combining our insights and understanding of the financial services industry with leading edge applications in security technology, we help banks position themselves to meet and exceed customer expectations — and at the same time, protect their shareholder value and market position. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Risk Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Architecture Strategy
  • Capital Planning
  • SDLC Specifications
  • Business & Competitive Intelligence
  • Asset Protection
  • Cyber Security Analysis
  • eBanking