High-Level Strategic Support and Guidance

Invizion’s management consulting services blend strategy with technical and human factors to create a climate for success. Our proven approach to management consulting generally begins with strategic planning, and focuses on aligning projects, programs, and portfolios to achieve mission success.

To help clients optimize performance, control costs, and mitigate risks, we offer expertise in a wide range of management disciplines. We provide expert guidance in modifying systems and processes in order to achieve greater efficiency and growth. Examples of outcomes in this areas range from identifying metrics of success, to managing risk across the enterprise, to developing workforces to achieve their potential.

To ensure the best results, Invizion uses Project Management Institute (PMI) grounded methodologies for managing and measuring processes and improvements across an organization. Our specific services include:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Assurance

Information Management

If your organization is trying to cope-up with the emerging challenges of information storage and retrieval, Invizion can help. We can help your organization to manage information throughout the information lifecycle, regardless of its source. We not only help you organization in organizing, classifying, indexing paper documents or electronic files for easy access and information retrieval, but also in developing policies and procedures, in line with AIIM’s method of Capture, Store, Preserve and Deliver information.

Our expertise include:

  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Electronic Records Management
  • Business Process Management and Knowledge Management.

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