Greater Results through Enhanced Collaboration

One of the most dynamic areas of impact for technology is the explosive growth and collaborative capability of Web networks and applications. As powerful as Web technology has been to date, this new frontier promises even greater capabilities for organizations — significantly enhancing the ability of employees to collaborate and communicate, and at the same time, protecting vital resources and processes.

At Invizion, we have extensive expertise at designing and implementing leading-edge technologies to help our clients take maximum advantage of this emerging field. We can help the organization assess current capabilities and gaps, identify goals and roadmaps for the convergence of new technologies, and implement new tools for information sharing and collaboration across the organization.

In addition, we offer proven solutions for integrating related technologies such as social networking, instant messaging systems, and more — all with the goal of enhancing communication and collaboration capabilities while increasing the security of your people and your operations. Our areas of specialized insight include:

  • Networks Design and Administration
  • Integrating Web 2.0/3.0 and the Organization
  • Assessment
  • Convergence
  • Roadmap
  • Information Sharing and Collaboration
  • Social Networks
  • Communications