Collaborate & Communicate with Invizion via COMPASS

Communications and coordinating activities are vital components of Invizion’s overall project management methodology. To ensure timely and appropriate development, collection, dissemination, storage and retrieval of project information, Invizion proudly offers its proprietary Centralized Operations Management, Personnel and Administrative Support System (COMPASS) for employees, consultants, teaming partners and clients.

COMPASS is a secure, Web-based portal for collaboration, enterprise content management and integration of software tools across all corporate departments and functions. Through COMPASS, all front and back-office functions, activities and software packages are streamlined, accessed and utilized in a secure virtual environment.

This innovative, custom-developed system is highly flexible and scalable, allowing Invizion’s users to access, share and process data, forms, documents and programs via the Internet from any location in the world. To ensure maximum impact on our clients’ behalf, we train and continually reinforce our personnel in COMPASS and all related processes.