Agility and Flexibility to Deliver on Demand

Here’s what some of our customers and their users have said about us.

Comments from the United States Army:
“Invizion has set the standard in terms of being a “team player” and stepping up to all challenges regardless of their complexities and/or urgency.”

“Invizion’s senior leadership team and functional experts were always available and could be counted on to respond within hours. Invizion has clearly demonstrated its commitment, flexibility and adaptability in our extremely complex and operationally demanding environment.”

“Invizion established and led our one-of-a-kind global Integrated Team Management Field Support Center to assist all assigned linguists and their families. This facility clearly demonstrates Invizion’s technical and functional prowess in the handling of unique and volatile challenges.”

“Invizion has always been one of the first to step up to meet new requirements, respond to funding and staffing reductions/modifications and comply with new priorities and customer directions/guidance.”

“Invizion’s integrated series of mature world-class business processes have set an example for other small businesses on the team.”

“Invizion has always delivered and sustained the highest quality linguist workforce, as well as all supporting infrastructure, artifacts and services on time — or even early. The staff is characterized by a truly outstanding ‘Can Do’ attitude.”

“Invizion can be counted on to deliver innovative, mission-driven, world class solutions in the minimum amount of time. Its leadership team is always available and willing to invest in people, processes, and technology to optimize performance across our operational and support environments.”

“Invizion has been a leader in ensuring that every dollar and transaction were thoroughly documented and accounted for. Invizion has consistently performed all assigned reporting tasking on-time, and, in many cases, has been the driver behind integrating innovative procedures that generated additional efficiencies and savings.”

Comments from Other Federal and Private Sector Clients
“Great communication and always on time. We are never left guessing.” — SwiftAir

“Steve Johnson and his company are top-notch. Not only did they provide exemplary support, they are very professional and customer oriented.” — SMS Data Products Group

“Invizion is very easy to deal with and very responsive to requests for service.” U.S. Department of State

“Invizion is a company that constantly seeks to improve its services.” U.S. Department of State

Airline Passengers’ Comments on Our Work for the Transportation Security Administration:

“The staff members at the security station were friendly and courteous, creating a good tone and atmosphere.”

“It is a pleasure to see competent, friendly screeners doing a great job!”

“I’ve flown in 13 different airports in the last two years. This airport is ten times more efficient than any other airport I’ve been in.”

“My daughter was flying with me, and she has diabetes. Security staff in Rochester knew she was wearing an insulin pump. Thanks!”

“The security clearance is highly efficient and friendly – Hats off to you!”

“The security screeners are fantastic, professional and ease confusion and frustration…Great airport to visit!”

“Most polite screeners of any airport.”

“Excellent, competent, cheerful examiner. Took the time to explain process — gently, compassionately, informatively.”

“Excellent personality combined with a real professional thoroughness. Feels safe to fly out from here and the staff is amazingly helpful and courteous. Well done. Great team.”

“We greatly appreciated the kind demeanor and thorough search these employees performed. They were respectful, warm and added a real sense of comfort to the whole process.”

“This is exactly the kind of service that will make me want to return to this airport in the future. Tremendous. Thanks!”